Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941

Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941

European Holocaust Studies, Band 1

von: Frank Bajohr, Dieter Pohl

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A New Forum for International Holocaust Research.

European Holocaust Studies (EHS) publishes key international research results on the murder of the European Jews and its wider contexts. This new English-language yearbook primarily aims to bring together and provide higher visibility to research contributions produced across different countries and institutions. It also strives to promote international exchange, especially among scholars from North America, Europe, and Israel.
The EHS issues are thematic. Each issue features a selection of peer-reviewed research articles, which offer novel perspectives on the main theme. Further sections include a discussion of key documents and a selection of research project descriptions related to the overall topic, as well as a literature review or essay dealing with historiographical debates on the subject.
Frank Bajohr: German Antisemitism and its Influence in Europe. The Example of Alfred Rosenberg and the Nazi Foreign Policy Office after 1933
Dieter Pohl: Right-Wing Politics and Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1940
Ferenc Laczó: The Radicalization of Hungarian Antisemitism until 1941: On Indigenous Roots and Transnational Embeddedness
Susanne Heim: The Year 1938 and the International Reactions to the Forced Emigration of German Jews
Grzegorz Krzywiec: The Balance of Polish Political Antisemitism: Between "National Revolution," Economic Crisis, and the Transformation of the Polish Public Sphere in the 1930s
Frank Bajohr is director of the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute of Centemporary History in Munich and Professor at the University of Munich. He was a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Holocaust Research in Yad Vashem and at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Research at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Dr. Dieter Pohl is Professor for Contemporary History at the University of Klagenfurt / Austria. Before he was a researcher at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich and Berlin.

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